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(PHP 4, PHP 5)

chopПсевдоним функции rtrim()


Эта функция является псевдонимом функции rtrim().

Замечание: Действие chop() отличается от одноименной функции языка Perl, удаляющей последний символ строки.

User Contributed Notes
tomas at matfyz dot cz
24-May-2010 12:47
This function corresponds more or less to the PERL chomp() function.
rahuls8730 at gmail dot com
18-May-2009 06:03
Definition and Usage

The chop() function will remove a white space or other predefined character from the right end of a string.

This function is an alias of the rtrim() function.

Parameter     Description
string     Required. Specifies the string to check
charlist     Optional. Specifies which characters to remove from the string.
The following characters are allowed and is set to be removed if the charlist parameter is empty:

    * "\0" - ASCII 0, NULL
    * "\t" - ASCII 9, a tab
    * "\n" - ASCII 10, a new line
    * "\x0B" - ASCII 11, a vertical tab.
    * "\r" - ASCII 13, a carriage return
    * " " - ASCII 32, an ordinary white space
anon at mailinator dot com
11-May-2007 08:06
Another possible one would be to use this:

function chup(){


func_get_args() as $b) {






If you wanted to perl-chop a va list of strings and return the removed chars. Obviously you can easily mod it for va list arrays of strings and the like.

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