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(PHP 4 >= 4.2.0, PHP 5)

pg_copy_toCopy a table to an array


array pg_copy_to ( resource $connection , string $table_name [, string $delimiter [, string $null_as ]] )

pg_copy_to() copies a table to an array. It issues COPY TO SQL command internally to retrieve records.

Список параметров


PostgreSQL database connection resource.


Name of the table from which to copy the data into rows .


The token that separates values for each field in each element of rows . Default is TAB.


How SQL NULL values are represented in the rows . Default is \N ("\\N").

Возвращаемые значения

An array with one element for each line of COPY data. It returns FALSE on failure.


Пример #1 pg_copy_to() example

pg_connect("dbname=publisher") or die("Could not connect");
$rows pg_copy_to($db$table_name);
pg_query($db"DELETE FROM $table_name");

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User Contributed Notes
etiger13 at gmail dot com
17-Nov-2009 07:14
You cannot specify the schema name in this command. You can change the search path for just one query by using the following code:

($conn, "SET search_path TO myschema;");
$copy_to = pg_copy_to($conn, 'tablename');
pg_query("RESET search_path;");
setantae at submonkey dot net
27-Nov-2002 06:50
"It issues COPY TO SQL command internally to insert records"

I suspect this statement is incorrect, or that s/insert/retrieve/ is appropriate.

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