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Установка расширений PECL


User Contributed Notes
Installation of PECL extensions
kis at grosshat dot com
04-Jun-2008 08:52
If it's not running for you even PEAR installed try to make an upgrade of PEAR (pear upgrade PEAR).
rbemrose at gmail dot com
17-Mar-2007 06:04
If you are using a Debian sarge system (currently the stable release) with php4-pear installed, you will still not have a pecl command.

The fix to this is to upgrade pear.

Unfortunately, pear upgrade PEAR will also error out stating that you need pear-1.3.3 minimum.

The fix to this is to specify the version of pear that you want to install.  In case it wasn't obvious, that means you want to
pear upgrade PEAR-1.3.3
pear upgrade-all

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