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Mhash Функции


User Contributed Notes
Mhash Functions
alexey dot kupershtokh at gmail dot com
27-Dec-2007 12:48
There's a class for generating TTH compatible with DC clients (DC++, StrongDC, ...) which uses mhash() with tiger algorithm:
ludicruz at yahoo dot com
07-Jul-2007 08:41
to robert at mediamonks dot com

This will work better, in your function you can just use the constant function to pull in the actual value of MHASH_SHA512 or whatever.

function getHashNotWorking($argStrHashMethod, $argStrString)
$strHashMethod = 'MHASH_' . $argStrHashMethod;
$strHashedString = bin2hex(mhash(constant($strHashMethod), $argStrString));

return $strHashedString;


echo getHashNotWorking('SHA512', 'some string');

works how you want it.
robert at mediamonks dot com
06-Dec-2006 08:44
function getHashNotWorking($argStrHashMethod, $argStrString)
$strHashMethod = 'MHASH_' . $argStrHashMethod;
$strHashedString = bin2hex(mhash($strHashMethod, $argStrString));

return $strHashedString;

echo getHashNotWorking('SHA512', 'some string');

This will return an error about the mhash function expecting a long type instead of a string.


for ($intI = 0; $intI <= mhash_count(); $intI++)
$arrHashTypes[mhash_get_hash_name($intI)] = $intI;

function getHashWorking($argStrType, $argStrString)
global $arrHashTypes;
$strHashedString = bin2hex(mhash($arrHashTypes[$argStrType], $argStrString));

return $strHashedString;

echo getHashWorking('SHA512', 'some string');

This will return the hash with the desired hash method
11-Aug-2005 11:43
Since it seems that the tiger hash bug has been labeled "bogus" here is a fix to give a correct result.  I'm not a binary expert so if you come up with a better fix please let us know. Just do your MHASH_TIGER as normal then send the unaltered binary into tigerfix and you get a proper HEX return.

function tigerfix ($binary_hash) {
     $my_split = str_split($binary_hash,8);
     $my_tiger ="";
     foreach($my_split as $key => $value) {
        $my_split[$key] = strrev($value);
        $my_tiger .= $my_split[$key];
    $my_tiger_hex = bin2hex($my_tiger);
    return $my_tiger_hex;
m1tk4 at hotmail dot com
22-Jun-2004 05:43
To enable mhash on RHEL/Fedora Core/other RPM-based Linuxes without rebuilding PHP, get the php-mhash and mhash RPMs at http://phprpms.sourceforge.net/mhash
01-Aug-2001 02:13
refers to the HAVAL hash with 3 rounds.

To use HAVAL with 4 or 5 rounds, you have to
recompile the mhash library and either add
new hash names, or just change in mhash.c
the definitions of MHASH_HAVAL256,...

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