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(PHP 4, PHP 5)

deg2radConverts the number in degrees to the radian equivalent


float deg2rad ( float $number )

This function converts number from degrees to the radian equivalent.



Angular value in degrees

Return Values

The radian equivalent of number


Example #1 deg2rad() example


echo deg2rad(45); // 0.785398163397
var_dump(deg2rad(45) === M_PI_4); // bool(true)


See Also

  • rad2deg() - Converts the radian number to the equivalent number in degrees

User Contributed Notes
christian dot ubu at NOSPAMHERE dot gmail dot com
13-Mar-2009 03:18
Never use deg2rad() in loops, use $rad = ($deg * M_PI / 180) instead which is faster!
john dot navratil at sbcglobal dot net
11-Feb-2007 03:32
This does a simple scaling with the results that deg2rad(720) is 4PI.  For navigation purposes you may wish to mod the results with 2PI.

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